Who we are

Company background and mission in the air transport business

Aerostar is an air charter broker company based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Its fields of operation are aircraft chartering and commercial supervising for tour operator programs, block seat allotments on charter chains, ad-hoc charters, VIP executive jet and helicopter rentals, full cargo charters, last minute charter requests, as well as wet/damp leasing and AOG ACMI and consultancy in the commercial processes of airplane chartering and leasing.

Aerostar is an independent aviation enterprise created in March 2010 by an expert commercial team that has a background creating and running some of the most substantial charter and ACMI lease projects within a Bulgarian airline carrier.

Aerostar’s conception is based on the principles that our team has always stood by and defended in its work and which have become a signature for us as professionals:

personalized touch, honesty, clarity, quest to offer the best conditions for your projects and joy from the mutual work with our partners.

The young and highly motivated members of the Aerostar collective have intense background in various fields of aircraft chartering and leasing and are eager to be at your side for whatever sky bound project you have in mind.

Because wherever and whenever you decide to fly, the Aerostar team is here to optimize your sky.