Aero Consulting

The consultancy services of Aerostar provide you an expert view to assist you with important air chartering and aircraft ACMI leasing decisions, as well as other aviation industry related topics

Aerostar, based upon its team members’ in depth background and experience, is offering its partners the following consultancy services within the airline industry field having for goal to support you while protecting your best interests:

  • Commercial, financial and contracting consultancy incl. expertise support preparation of an annual business plan, preparation and analysis of income/expenditures prognostic business cases inherent to charter, wet lease and damp lease deals for either "lease out" or "lease in" commercial transactions;
  • Edition and supervising of charter flight agreements;
  • Preliminary analysis and supervision of charter flight agreements edited and proposed by third parties;
  • Financial quotations for single or multiple flight operations;
  • Price construction;
  • Edition of wet lease and damp lease agreements /incl. AOG lease, ad-hoc lease, back-up agreements, medium and and long term ACMI contracts/;
  • Creation and updating of graphic planning of airlines’ flight program by means of a dedicated software;
  • Fleet utilization analysis;
  • Expert back-up and consultancy aiming your interests’ protection while negotiating upon charter or ACMI contracts with third parties;
  • Market intelligence on request aiming to support our partners to take well informed and optimized decisions.